North Face of the Eiger & Orion – Sony RX1

On our journey to Grindelwald I read The White Spider, Heinrich Harrer’s tale of the first ascent of the Eiger. The North Face now in front of me, I stood fascinated, re-tracing their steps; The Hinterstoisser Traverse; The Ramp, Death Bivouac, the Spider itself; an imposing and hostile environment, still a place for death or glory. At night, from the … More North Face of the Eiger & Orion – Sony RX1

Scafell Massif – Sigma Merrill DP3 Stitched

Heading down from Red Pike after climbing Pillar, the Scafell Massif immense before us, the highest ground in England. To the left of the valley Great Gable, climbed 3 years ago now, scree running down to descend. To the right of the valley, the massif itself; Great End, Lingmell, Scafell Pike, Mickedore & Scafell. Paths … More Scafell Massif – Sigma Merrill DP3 Stitched

Sigma DP3 Merrill – A Camera of Choice

I’ve owned the DP3 Merrill for three months. In that time, when the light is good and the aim is to capture the tone and detail in the scene, it’s fast become my camera of choice. The Merrill’s failings are well known, and hopefully the updated sensor in the new Quattro will address these issues, never-the-less if it’s IQ you’re after then … More Sigma DP3 Merrill – A Camera of Choice

Old Town, Ghent

January in Ghent. 7pm and already -5 centigrade. Anyone with common sense is inside, at home or in a warm bar.  Me, with none, am outside, fiddling with tripods, lense caps and cameras, hands and face freezing, absorbed in the beauty of the Old Town and the absolute stillness of the night.  By 11:30pm it’s … More Old Town, Ghent