Two Buildings

Foreground, background; blue, green; traditional, contemporary; blue collar, white collar; industrial, service sector; commercial, residential … two buildings, many perspectives. As other parts of industrial West Yorkshire wane, Leeds just seems to roll with the times; a city in constant transition. When I processed this off the cuff shot of the Indigo Blue building it was the green dome of … More Two Buildings

Leeds – Reflections of a City

The city’s reflective surfaces conjure up cubist abstracts out of the age old reality, unfamiliar images of familiar places, and unique perspectives on established scenes. Who needs Photoshop when you’ve a puddle or a window! The reflection in office window creates an abstract view of Tower Works. The original scene looking towards Tower Works. Bridgewater Place, reflected in one of … More Leeds – Reflections of a City

The Build Continues – Leeds RERF Part 6

It was back in November when I first discovered the RERF and used it to review the Quattro DP1. Six months later my mission to chart the build continues; though with it’s innards mostly hidden behind plastic and metal, its fascination is diminishing and my enthusiasm is waning. Still to me it’s unique shape and … More The Build Continues – Leeds RERF Part 6