Sigma DP0 Quattro – First Impressions, Last Impressions

Human invention is littered with the weird and the crazy. Take for example the one wheeled motorbike, or the amphibious bicycle, or more recently the Segway, a device so technically advanced it’s capable of moving at walking pace whilst remaining upright! In the world of photography perhaps the current champion of oddness is the Sigma Quattro range … More Sigma DP0 Quattro – First Impressions, Last Impressions

Cader Idris

It’s 11:15pm on Saturday night. A lost fell walker stumbles into the pub 4 hours after sunset and 6 hours after they flipped a coin and chose the wrong track down the mountain. 30 minutes later they’re in a taxi heading back to the comfort of their campsite, but not before leaving us their map of Cader Idris. Their misfortune is … More Cader Idris