Boda Collection

From rivers and waterfalls, to lakes and the sea, Boda brings together a collection of photographs focussed on water in all its forms: cascading, falling, roaring, raging, still, reflective.      

Ullswater Sunset, The Lakes, England


The evening was setting in as we drove along Ullswater’s shore on our journey home from a day on the hills. At the end of the lake we paused to look back at the silhouettes of the peaks we’d not long ago climbed. In the foreground Ullswater was at peace, the colours of sunset reflecting in its tranquil waters. We hung around as the sun dropped behind the fells and the colours became ever richer, taking photographs and skimming stones.

Shooting notes

Sigma DP1Merrill. 1/60 second at F16, ISO 200, on a tripod

Full Spate, Ayesgarth Falls, Yorkshire Dales, England


Wensleydale’s Ayesgarth falls in full spate, lit by the bright sunlight, produces a kaleidoscope of colour.

Shooting notes

Nikon D800, 1/4th second at f11, ISO 50

Perfect Curve, Ayesgarth Falls, Yorkshire Dales, England

Perfect CurveShooting notes

Nikon D800, 1 second at f16, ISO 50

Derwentwater Landing Stage, The Lakes, England


A classic shot of Derwentwater on a cold, misty morning in February.

Shooting notes

Nikon D700, 1/60th second at f11, ISO 400

Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland, England


Shooting notes

Nikon D800, 1/80th second at F9, ISO 1600

Langdale Cascade, The Lakes, England

Langdale Cascade

From Stickle Tarn, underneath Pavey Ark, Stickle Ghyll cascades down the mountain until it reaches the foot of the Pikes. From there it flows on past the New Dungeon Ghyll to combine with Great Langdale Beck before emptying into Elterwater. Behind the hotel I stood by ghyll, waiting for a group of friends who’d scrambled up Jack’s Rake, watching the water tumble over rocks and boulders. Captured by its magic and with time to kill I returned to the car and grabbed my camera gear. Thirty minutes later, feet a little wetter, I sat in the beer garden listening to tales of daring on the ridge, their first grade one scramble.

Shooting notes

Sony RX1, 2 seconds at f22, ISO 50.

Catrigg Force, Yorkshire Dales, England

Full Spate

Rain! It had rained all weekend. It had rained all year. Land full to bursting; rivers invading the surrounding fields; and it was raining again as we walked, forcing us to dance past puddles that blocked our way to the falls. Rounding the bend we were met first by the roar, then the mist, then Catrigg Force itself in full spate, an awe inspiring sight.

Shooting notes

Sony RX1, 1/80th second at f2, ISO 50

Seven Careful Steps, Hackfall Woods, North Yorkshire

Three Giant Steps

Seven careful steps, three giant strides, one great leap to chase a stick …endless possibilities. Stepping-stones never fail to summon up the child in me; first taken carefully, then with increasing confidence, until I overreach, slip and walk home in squelching boots.  Standing in the beck in Hackfall Woods, waiting to take shots, adults, children and dogs all cross the stones. None fall in!

Shooting notes

Sigma Merrill DP3, 15 seconds at f16, ISO 100

Hardraw Foss, Yorkshire Dales, England


Leaving the warmth of the Green Dragon Inn we headed up the path to Hardraw Foss. As we rounded the corner the thunder and force of the scene was truly magical! The image was taken with the Sony RX1. The camera’s not weather sealed so a combination of rain and spray is not its natural environment! … But the falls drew me in, wiping rain from lens after each shot; retreating to dry the camera every few minutes; retreating to dry myself after I was done. Back at the Green Dragon, coats and dog slowly steaming by the fire, drink in hand; it was still raining outside but who cares!

Shooting notes

Sony RX1, 1/2000 second at f2, ISO 400