Welcome to the Gallery page, featuring a range of original, fine art, landscape photography, covering the North of England, the UK and Europe. Click on the image to view the collections.

The Collections


Levang is a collection of rugged, remote, mountainous landscapes. Places where the mood is still governed by the seasons and the weather; where if the wind drops you can hear a pin drop in the heather; and where you’re glad of the sight of an inn at the day’s end.

DP1M0018Jektvik brings together a collection of landscape photographs captured with Sigma’s DP Merrill range of cameras. Hidden inside the Merrill is a unique foveon sensor, very different from the bayer sensors found in nearly every other camera. The senor captures every ray of light that falls on the lens, resulting in a vast range of tones, high micro-contrast and amazing resolution. The outcome is images with a distinctive, foveon look, often more reminiscent of paintings than photographs.

Bohinj Shoreline 1

Boda – From rivers and waterfalls, to lakes and the sea, Boda brings together a collection of photographs focussed on water in all its forms: cascading, falling, roaring, raging, still, reflective.  


Last Refuge

Reine – An eclectic collection of photographs that defy the pressure to conform and be categorised, but still require a home. From wandering elephants and not too distant rain forests, to winter leaves and the glow of an old telephone box, these are not your standard landscapes



North by Northeast brings together a collection of images from recent trips to Staithes and Whitby on North Yorkshire’s East Coast, and to the stunning River Tees, in County Durham, which once marked the northern most border of Yorkshire.


Lofoten is an unsurpassable place, a place where around each corner the scene takes your breath way, a place where a ten-minute journey stretches into hours as you stop and reach for your camera again and again, a place where you need to be prepared for that chance moment, that instant when the last rays of the sun kiss a cliff face; or above your head sea eagles tumble in the sky; or the sun’s rays burst through an overcast sky; or a trawler shatters a perfect reflection.

Please feel free to browse the collections. All the images in the collections are available for sale.