Jektvik Collection

Jektvik brings together a collection of landscape photographs captured with Sigma’s DP Merrill range of cameras. Hidden inside the Merrill is a unique foveon sensor, very different from the bayer sensors found in nearly every other camera. The senor captures every ray of light that falls on the lens, resulting in a vast range of tones, high micro-contrast and amazing resolution. The outcome is images with a distinctive, foveon look, often more reminiscent of paintings than photographs.

Sierra De Grazalema, Andalusia, Spain


Driving from Ronda to Zahara we took a long cut through the Sierra De Grazalema Natural Park. Just North of Montejaque we wound through the mountain pass, then rounded A long left bend … and wow!

Shooting notes

Sigma DP1 Merrill, 1/125th second at f11, ISO 100

Great Gable from Red Pike, The Lakes, England

Great Gable

Shooting notes

Nikon D800, 1/200 second at f9, ISO 100

Field Barn, Langdale Valley, The Lakes, England


I’ve driven along the road in Langdale Valley countless times without noticing the field barn, but on this journey in rain and mist, the trees overhanging the barn caught my eye. Captured by the Sigma Merrill, the unique foveon renders the scene not as English countryside, but as an ancient Japanese landscape.

Shooting notes

Sigma DP1 Merrill, 1/15 second at f10, ISO 100

Veteran Tree, Crayke, Yorkshire, England


Lone trees are a staple part of any landscape photographer’s portfolio, and so, in the interest of originally, perhaps to be avoided. But this tree, the Veteran tree at Crayke, is a subject that I know now I’ll be drawn to season after season.

Shooting notes

SIGMA DP1 MERRILL, 1/20th second at f13, ISO 100.

Ancient Steps, Thira, Santorini

Ancient Steps
Ancient Steps, Thira, Santorini

Founded In the 9th Century BC by Spartan colonists, and long ago abandoned, Thira perches on top of Mesa Vouno, 360 metres above the seas that surround Santorini. Wandering through the ruins it’s easy to ponder on who’s footsteps you’re following over the course of nearly 3000 years of human history. Soldiers, potters, artists, merchants, slaves; all strata’s of society must have walked up these steps and worn down their stones, now left for nature to reclaim.

Shooting notes

SIGMA DP1 MERRILL, 1/160th second at f9, ISO 100.