“Photographs shouldn’t be left to wither on some long, forgotten, blog post; or stored unseen as bits and bytes on a creaking, old, hard disk drive. Photographs capture moment in time and those moments should be remembered, shared and talked about. Photographs are at their best, printed big, mounted, framed and hung on a wall!”


Arts Fairs & Markets

Richard will be at the following Arts Markets in 2016

  • Leeds,  Artsmix, Albion Place  – Saturday 9th April
  • Leeds, Artsmix, Albion Place  – Saturday 7th May
  • Cumbria Photography Show, Rheged Centre, Cumbria – Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th May**
  • Leeds, Artsmix, Albion Place –  Saturday 4th June
  • Leeds, Artsmix, Albion Place –  Saturday 16th July
  • Leeds, Artsmix, Albion Place –  Saturday 13th August
  • York, Little Shambles Big Art – Sunday 28th August 
  • Leeds, Artsmix, Albion Place – Sunday 27th November 
  • Leeds, Artsmix, Albion Place – Saturday 10th December 

2017 dates to be announced.

Each is image is individually hand-printed on Epson paper using archive quality Epson pigment inks. Each image is titled, signed and mounted.

For more information about the markets see:

Online Bespoke

If you’d like to own your own bespoke piece of artwork, printed and sized to perfectly fill that empty space on the wall, email Richard at specifying the image title, size required and your details.

For guidance bespoke orders range from £50 (printed and mounted) for smaller prints up to £200 for large panoramic prints.