Reine Collection

An eclectic collection of photographs that defy the pressure to conform and be categorised, but still require a home. From wandering elephants and not too distant rain forests, to winter leaves and the glow of an old telephone box, these are not your standard landscapes

Going Home, Whipsnade, Bedfordshire, England


In the late afternoon Whipsnade’s Asian elephants roam on the edge of the park amongst the trees and on the grassland. The English countryside provides a passing impression of the Indian savannah, given away by the village church in the distance. The keepers call the elephants and its time for both them and us to head home.

Shooting notes

Sigma DP1 Merrill, 1/400 second at f7.1, ISO 100

Last Refuge, Simonstone, Yorkshire Dales, England

Last Refuge

It’s late. The bar is closed and so it’s time for one last walk around Simonstone Hall before turning in. On the other side of the road the telephone box is a beacon of light, a refuge in the darkness around.

Shooting notes

Sigma DP1 Merrill, 20 second at f11, ISO 100

Impressionist Rain Forest, Yorkshire, England

Yorkshire Rainforest

The impressionist art movement rejected detail, precision & careful blending, in favour of movement, light and intense colour. By moving the camera with the shutter open I hoped to follow their lead. Of the many shots taken, experimenting with movement, shutter speed and subject matter, most left me goggle-eyed and dizzy. Simplicity of subject, colour and movement, was the key. It may not be a Monet or Cezanne, but this image transformed Coxley from an ordinary English wood into my own, local, rain forest.

Shooting notes

Nikon D800, 1/10th second at f9, ISO 150

Tower Works, Hunslet, Leeds, England

Tower Works

A Reflection in an office window at the end of Foundry Street provides an abstract, perspective of Tower Works, Hunslet.

Shooting notes

SIGMA DP3 MERRILL, 1/100th second at f7.1, ISO 100

Acer Leaves Study


During autumn we collected the leaves as they fell from the Acers in our garden. When winter came we randomly scattered them on the snow, a natural background to show the translucency and delicacy of the subject.

Shooting notes

Nikon D800 1/500th second at f5.6, ISO 400


Reflected Bow, Trondheim, Norway


Our journey took us up the Norwegian coast, past islands & fjords & ice-laden mountains, docking at each port as we headed North. At each stop I attempted to photograph our ship, the MS Lofoten, but nothing inspired. Finally, as we waited to leave Trondheim, I leaned over the quayside and took this image, the ship’s bow reflected and softened by the waves of the icy waters. Sometimes, when the view is too complex and overwhelming, it pays to focus on just one detail.

Shooting notes

Sigma DP1 Merrill, 1/100th second at f4.0, ISO 100